Want to Host Fog City Ruby?

That would be awesome!

Each month, we bring together 50-60 delightful Bay Area rubyists for an evening of talks about Ruby and Ruby-adjacent topics. Our members love seeing new offices and hearing about what makes our hosts special; hosts have the opportunity to give a 30-second pitch during the opening announcements and mingle with our member before and after the talks.

We've learned over time what makes for a smoothly-run edition of Fog City Ruby, and we've included here some of the basic requirements of hosting us. If everything below sounds good to you, please email us at hello@fogcityruby.com.

Food & Drink

We ask that hosts provide dinner and drinks for 50-60 people. Dinner doesn’t have to be fancy, but we do request no pizza or appetizers and to have vegetarian options available. We’ve found the meetup to go most smoothly when food has been set up by 6:15pm with clearly labeled food options including dietary restriction details.

Our hosts usually also provide beer and wine, and we ask that you also provide non-alcoholic drinks as well, as some of our attendees do not drink alcohol.

We’re also happy to provide a list of delicious and reasonably priced caterers that hosts have used in the past!

Event Space & AV

We've had success having presentations given in office meal spaces with attendees seated around tables, as well as lecture-style seating with chairs in rows facing the speaker. If you're trying out a space for presentations or hosting a meetup for the first time, please let us know.

We usually have three speakers, and ask that hosts have an AV setup that will allow for speakers to see their presenter notes (usually on their own laptop) while the attendees just see the slides projected big on the wall or screen.

We also ask for some kind of amplification for our speakers; while some speakers have been fantastic at projecting, we’ve found that everyone has a much more pleasant experience when the speakers are mic’d (hand-held or lapel mics are great).


San Francisco office buildings are all unique snowflakes when it comes to security requirements. We’ve been able to accommodate all the variations we’ve seen so far, but some setups will require us to recruit more volunteers to help with check in, so we like to have a solid picture of what your building’s process is up front. (We'll ask you more specific questions about security as we confirm your company as a host.)