About Fog City Ruby

Fog City Ruby was born in January 2016, and spent its first 9 months of existence known as SF.rb (pronounced SF-dot-RB). Then the organizers realized that having punctuation in the name of an organization was sufficiently difficult (especially for URLs), and that our love of both San Francisco and Ruby were better expressed with the soulful name Fog City Ruby. (All credit to founder Stella Cotton for thinking up the new name.)

Our goal with every meetup is to create a welcoming environment where all kinds of programmers can talk about tech, not-tech, and whatever else seems interesting. Though we're a Ruby meetup, we've also hosted talks on topics like the Darknet, load testing, running an internship program, message buses, and why software for non-profits is kind of terrible. We like to hear about topics that are interesting and relevant to people who write Ruby code, which means reaching beyond Ruby (but we love hearing about Ruby, too, obviously.)


Siena Aguayo Siena Aguayo is a software engineer at Indiegogo in San Francisco, where she has developed apps on iOS, Android, and Rails/Angular. You can find her on Twitter @sienatime, and at emojiparty.net, where she blogs about tech with Stella Cotton.

Lillie Chilen Lillie Chilen is an engineer and team lead at Omada Health. She co-founded AndConf, is the CTO of Double Union, a feminist hacker/makerspace in SF, and manages Bridge Troll, the open-source event managements software used by RailsBridge and Bridge Foundry.

Stella Cotton Stella Cotton is a Tool engineer at Heroku, conference speaker, and co-founder of AndConf. She loves the World Wide Web Consortium, good abstractions, and boring technology.

Anna Neyzberg Anna Neyzberg is a software developer at Carbon Five. She is a member of the RailsBridge and Bridge Foundry boards as well as the chapter lead of RailsBridge SF. Anna is also very interested in the intersection of technology and health.